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Biodiversity Ecotours

Forento New Zealand specialises in customised bird watching tours throughout New Zealand. With professional guides and local ornithologists you will see rare and endemic bird species such as wattlebirds and parrots in some of our country's most magical locations. On boat trips you will see albatrosses and mollymawks, the highlight being the royal albatross with a wingspan of close to three metres. Along the Southland coast yellow-eyed penguins are every bird watchers treat. In our majestic podocarp forests there are whiteheads, rifleman, tomtits, robins, bellbirds, tui, kaka. In the Southern Alps there is the intelligent and mischievous kea, and rock wren, in fact there is always a new experience to be had in every region of New Zealand.

We will ensure that you leave with more than just lasting memories by providing a tour booklet, map, field guide and a checklist of New Zealand's bird species.

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Below we include snippets on some of the bird watching hot spots that you will visit on tour. Visit our New Zealand birds page for more information.

Birding hot spots

Offshore island reserves

Tiritiri Matangi Island Wildlife Sanctuary is where the Department of Conservation species recovery programme with threatened endemic birds has been a success. Rare birds such as the saddleback, stitchbird, takahe, and forest parrots are very common on the island.

This is a trip that takes you back in geological time, along magnificent coastal cliffs, where past seismic events have uplifted and revealed 5 million year old rocks and fossils. The highlight of the trip is a visit to New Zealand’s largest mainland gannet colonies.

Mainland island reserves

The Department of Conservation is undertaking pest and weed control measures to permit forest regeneration and the re-establishment of endangered wildlife to reserves of ecological importance throughout New Zealand. During your tour you will visit one of these mainland reserves, and see the work and restoration gains that have been made by the Department of Conservation. There will be plenty of time to observe some of New Zealand’s more uncommon, endemic bird species such as bush robins and the kaka.


Miranda Naturalists' Trust is one of New Zealand's most important feeding areas for visiting migratory waders, situated along the Firth of Thames coast. Common bird species are bar-tailed godwits, knots, dotterels, sandpipers, and in winter the endemic wrybill.