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Biodiversity Ecotours

We have a range of ecotour packages on offer, premium, classic, and customised. The ecotour itinerary below, only details the major field trip activities for each day. These field trips are specifically structured to give you plenty of time to relax and pursue your own interests.

The Te Arataki ecotour covers most of New Zealand’s biodiveristy and representative ecosystems, several of which are exclusive to the North Island, such as the mangrove, kauri forest, and volcanic alpine environment. In addition we provide talks and field guides that enable you to learn about New Zealand as a whole. Explore the diverse North Island ecosystems of New Zealand in our 14 day packages.

Discover New Zealand’s unique wildlife and plants in remote and stunning areas rarely visited by tourists. We at Forento New Zealand guarantee a unique personalised ecotour that will suit your requirements. Our friendly team of expert guides will enhance your chances of seeing and understanding New Zealand’s natural wonders. We will ensure that you leave with more than just memories by providing an ecotour booklet and maps covering your travels.

Your itinerary will be flexible so that you have the opportunity to change activities while in New Zealand. For further information on ecotours and costs see our tour itinerary page. For enquiries contact us at or use our enquiry form.

Feel free to visit our galleries below, and the wildlife and plants pages for more information on what you might see on your ecotour.

North Island Highlights

South Island Highlights