Forento Nuew Zealand Ltd.

Biodiversity Ecotours

Meet our friendly team of naturalists who are highly qualified, some are scientists, conservationists, and wildlife officers; all have an intimate understanding of New Zealand's environment. They strongly believe in giving you an holistic overview of natural New Zealand. Most of all, their combined passion for the environment, friendly and caring personalities, will ensure that you have a memorable holiday.

Tour leader

Clive Appleton (Ph.D.) Director, established Forento New Zealand Ltd. to give international ecotourists a special opportunity to discover natural New Zealand in a relaxed and refreshing manner. He strongly believes that ecotourists deserve to gain an accurate interpretation of cultural values and environmental issues, and that ecotours should support conservation issues, through education and financial contributions. Clive provides a dynamic perspective to our tours, through his eight years research experience in entomology and forest ecology, and with a comprehensive understanding of many other natural history subjects, particularly ornithology. He is also a keen outdoor enthusiast, and member of many scientific and conservation societies.

Bay of plenty

John Alan Hutcheson (M.Phil.) brings to our tours a great understanding of ecology and the outdoors, this is backed by his 29 years research experience in entomology and indigenous forest ecology and health. He is a past president of the Entomological Society of New Zealand, and a member of New Zealand Ecological Society. He is director of Biological Systems Ltd., providing scientific consultation and research both internationally; and within New Zealand. He has been involved in team research into New Zealand beech forests, pohutukawa health ‘Project Crimson’, and guidance towards sustainable management of insect biodiversity within various vegetation and management systems across New Zealand landscapes.

Ashley. D. Cody (NZCS Geology, GSNZ, IGA, NZSS) has many years experience guiding international tour groups around the North Island volcanic region. He is a geological consultant, with 21 years in exploration and mapping of geothermal and mineral resources throughout New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. He currently conducts work for city and regional councils, Department of Conservation, and private industries. In Rotorua, he provides consultation on the conservation of geothermal surface features, that are important for tourism.